What Makes Nikon D850 Specs so GOOD?

Nikon D850 specs has not been announced officially, it is likely to be announced on August 16, 2017. But the picture of the camera and its specifications are already trigger is leaking, so let's discuss the latest DSLR cameras.

Camera Nikon FX DSLR full frame sensors have a BSI (back side illuminated) with a resolution of 45.75 MP, without the low pass filter, EXPEED processor 5 and ISO range 64-25600. Despite the high resolution, photo speed consecutive relatively quickly, i.e. 9 photos per second when installing MB-D18, battery pack and battery EN-EL18a. Without the battery pack, the speed was reduced to 7 photographs per second. Breath buffer 51 photos in RAW.

Furthermore, the Nikon will have a screen that can be bent over like the Nikon D750. Touchscreen display will also be a lot more functionality than the D5 and D500, one for menu navigation. In addition, a new feature of the Nikon D850 IE 8 k 4 k Movie, Timelapse, 153-point autofocus System (such as D5), with the largest of the viewfinder for DSLR camera that is 0.75 X above the Nikon D5 (0.72 X), Canon 5DS (0.71 X) and Nikon D810 (0.7 X).

The new autofocus system is larger 1.3 X fold of Nikon D810 and have the capability of photographing in extremely dark conditions. 4-point middle (center point), and-3 EV in other spots.

For photographing in conditions that do not allow the slightest sound, there are Quiet mode mode, i.e. by using the electronic shutter time live view. The speed is limited to 6 consecutive photos photos per second when you enable this mode. Speed photo mode is activated when a row could be increased to 30 photos per second, but the recorded resolution only 8MP with DX crop (1.5 X), Autofocus and Auto Exposure is locked.

Some other new features than Nikon D810

  • Camera button can be illuminated in dark conditions
  • The new White Balance options (Natural WB)
  • 180,000 RGB Metering (with face detection)
  • Photographing a focus stacking automatically
  • The size of the spot metering point 1/2 of a focal point for high accuracy
  • Can use memory card XQD or SD Card
  • Supports wireless flash WT-7
  • Does not have a built-in flash
  • My opinion about Nikon D850

Nikon D850 is top level DSLR camera which is important for the Nikon Nikon D800 to replace and D810 launched each year 2012 and December 2014. The specifications of the Nikon professional digital camera as D850 workhorse, quite balanced and complete, in addition to high resolution (ideal for commercial photo in need of high-quality print results in large sizes), the camera is also quite fast performance so that could also be used for photographic coverage.

In the years 2012-2014, the D810 is very popular as the above resolution the first 24MP camera. Many professional photographers who use them. But this time, the digital camera market conditions of wind are there is a change in the direction of mirrorless cameras. The presence of Sony A9 with autofocus is very quick, and the speed of photos that mutes as soon as 20 fps is a difficult rival Nikon D850 though Sony A9 more expensive (60 million). On the other hand there is also a Sony A7R II (37 million) and the new rising A7R III who is also compact, and has 42 MP image resolution is not too much different from D850. On the other hand, the competition with its longstanding enemy, namely Canon also remain strong, namely Canon 5DS R (50MP) and Canon 5 d mk IV (30 MP).

But in my opinion, still has some Nikon D850 attraction such as:

Have a choice of top-quality lens markedly from Nikon or a third party (Sigma, Tamron, Zeiss)

Have a sturdy body with considerable size with big buttons making it more ergonomic when paired with big lenses/length.

High resolution photo high speed combined with like a 2 in 1.