Learn Potrait with Canon T6i Bundle

Canon tcanon t6i bundle walmart6i bundle. Photography is never limited by the tools. Whether it's using a sophisticated camera or just a camera phone, you can still produce good photos if you already understand the elements of art in photography. Such as making photography portrait. The activities of the photography on this one are probably the most common people do when holding a camera – because it belongs to a very easy thing to do. Well to make a better portrait photo, here we give you six simple tips that you can try.

  1. Approach and interact with models    canon t6i bundle ebay

The most common problems when creating a photo portrait is the distance. Some novice or amateur photographer feel shy to closer on the model. But if photographing portrait photo headshot, as should ideally be closer to the model. But the phenomenon happens lately, many beginner photographers who will pull out extra money to buy a lens with a focal length range of photographing subjects from a distance.

It should indeed-is okay but not too advised. If you want to generate a better portrait photo, start studying for more closer and interact with the model. Interact with the model does sound quite trivial, but it is so necessary to dilute the atmosphere in order to make the model more convenient and no feeling tense. As a result, the expression of the model will be more relaxed and not look stiff so that the resulting portrait photos would be better and natural.

  1. Take note of the composition


Make a photo portrait by positioning the head model in the Middle usually even produce photos that are less attractive. Try to put the model in various position angle shooting. You can use the principle of "Rule of Third" or putting the subject on the 1/3 part of the frame. Courage to experiment with composition and don't be afraid of violating the principle of "Rule of Third".

  1. Lens and Depth Of Field (DoF)

canon t6i bundle costcoTo make a portrait photography, a lens with a long focal range it is not absolutely necessary. You can count on some non-zoom lens a short distance like the 50 mm or a zoom lens with a zoom range to medium distance as 18-55 mm. lens diaphragm Quantities also affects the photo portrait. If the lens used has a diaphragm to f/2.0 or greater, use the lens aperture diaphragms. This will create an effect bokeh (background becomes blur) behind the subject and give artistic elements in the photo. As a result, your model will look more prominent from the setting and make the eyes look directly fixed on the model. You can also set the lens aperture in other settings to experiment.

  1. Pay attention to body language Model

canon t6i bundle samsFor the model professional, on-camera style is not difficult. With a little guidance, you can get the pose that suits your desires. Well, what if you are dealing with amateur models are not used in front of the camera?

The trick is pretty easy, just follow these tips no. 1. After successfully creating interaction and dilute the atmosphere with your model, you will more easily in driving style. To note also the mostly amateur models still hesitate to look stylish and not confident. For that, you as a photographer has to be clever in looking at a moment when the direct model. Sometimes the joke is crisp or words of praise that were blasted out of your mouth is quite effective to increase the confidence of the model.

  1. Note the light


canon t6i bundle bjsIn photographing portrait, you are also obliged to pay attention to the lighting conditions around so that the shadow that falls on the model not too hard. For it many ways I can. If you are photographing outdoors by relying on solar lighting, use flash for fill-in or use reflectors to reflect light towards the model so that the model's shadow looks softer. At the time of photographing in a room or studio, You can also make use of some accessories such as lighting, studio umbrellas, reflectors and softbox beauty dish to get the desired results. Canon T6i Bundle

  1. Processing photos for the perfect more results


If the resulting portrait photos are still less okay, don't throw it away immediately. While this has been widely circulating photographs of sports applications, ranging from simple to have tools. Through the photo processing applications, you can improve the composition, color, corrects to set the dark brightness. It can be done quickly and is very easy to learn.

The six tips above is a collection of simple tips that can be applied to produce a photo of the portrait better. But the six tips will be useless if you missed one of the most important tips that are exercised. Do not ever hesitate to try and take photos as often as possible to better know and familiarise yourself with your camera. Happy photographing!! Canon T6i Bundle



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