Canon Powershot SX530 Review

So what’s up guys! Today, we're going to take a look at canon powershot sx530 review. I know quite a mouthful here on the name, but basically what this is is a super zoom camera bridge camera. Why I say bridge cameras? It kind of bridges you into the DSLR and this is exactly great.

After having the Canon for quite a while it's not that much better than my Samsung wb800f camera. Now basically we're going to start this off with design. Basically the reason I really like this Canon camera was because it just feels really quality. Now when we're talking about the DSLRs like the t5 I the t3i 70d the 7000D all those cannons up there are going to trump this camera in quality.


But what's really nice what caught my eyes about this is that it felt kind ofDSLR like a little bridge into the DSLR. So if you can imagine a bridge bridging you up to the level of DSLR like it's a little bridge over there. This one is going to hold you over for a while till you get thereand it's got the straps and everything. So you really feel like a photographer when you take this out even though this camera comes in at a nice price point of 250$, it's a very grippy camera as well.

I find tha tthis grip when you grip the camera is really nice and I've never dropped this camera not even once. But um overall design, you got to pull the flash out manually.It's a manual pullout. So there's no mechanism and there's no horseshoe here so if you want to pop on a mic this is a downfall of this camera no horseshoe for a mic and there is no audio inputs you're only avi audio/video out digital in HDMI micro.


So to just stream it to your TV no problem but there's not a lot of ports here onthe right side. It does have a lens cover which you do have to put on it comes out of the box, and you can see that we do have a Canon zoom lens 50X AS 4 - 3 - 215 millimeter, 3 to 4 aperture to 6.5. aperture. It's not the biggest aperture in the world you know even phones like the LG g4 have a bigger one, but I can tell you right now this for this camera takes better pictures 10 most phones what ever dream of taking.


So don't be fooled don't be thinking thatyou can go get a phone and it's going to outperform this because trust me pretty much no phone is outperforming this camera I'm telling you that right now.You can believe me or not believe me but I've used all smart phones in they might be better sometimes for point-and-shoots but if you know how to work this camera.


There is no phone touching this camera, I mean the only phone that might even come close is the actually the phone that you could actually touch this with maybe would be the v10 but that's about the only phone the v10 and the g4 about the only phones that. If you know what you're doing you might get similar results to this camera, but I'm telling you this is this camera is loaded but let me uh let's get into the overall design of it so we did talk about that lens so it does have a nice lens and it does zoom really far.


If Igo ahead and pull the trigger on the zoom, you're going to be able to see that let's zoom it out real quick. If I turn it back on you can see that this will zoom really far out and we're not gonna be able to show it here, but it does go 50x and it will zoom 200 X on the digital zoom, so it is ridiculous howfar to zoom so you're not gonna be able to see anything because we're indoors but you can see on the screen right there 200 X I don't have the cameras picking it up but 200 X on this baby which is quite nice.


Also you do have many modes here as well as a Wi-Fi and you do need your smart phone to go ahead and share with the canon camera connect on this.If you pop out your smart phone and you go into let's see the canon camera connect, so you can see canon camera neck you can just easily share to Wi-Fi.


Now we're going to just connect it to Wi-Fi to your smartphone and you save the image to your phone.That's a nice feature here within the Canon now overall basically you do have your play button you have your ISO settingsmanual function. Set flash displaygo look at your pictures menu delete button and at the top you do have all of these controls.


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