Canon EOS Rebel T6 Bundle Manual Mode

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Bundle. Manual mode DSLR camera is considered no longer relevant for the world/photography due to the increasingly advanced technology, so a lot of people never thought to try it again. Many people are using DSLR cameras for years but never tried it (using manual mode) while doing a photo shoot. Because they have the belief that using DSLR cameras manually while shooting requires them to learn more. For example, learning about the techniques in a photograph, how to use aperture, as well as how to set the shutter speed and ISO. This is certainly can be time-consuming. For this reason, many people don't want to do this.

  1. Grab your camera and learn      canon eos rebel t6 review amazon 

"Identify your camera as you know yourself." The sentence is very interesting because the camera is one of the determining factors in making a nice photo. That is, take the time to learn about your camera because in general, you do not know the advantages and disadvantages that are there on your camera. So that learning is the best thing.

There are so many ways that you can do to learn. For example, by reading books, browsing through the internet, or also by bringing your camera wherever you go. Only by learning, you can understand well the benefits of your camera. This is the most important step. Because without learning and experimenting, you'll never be able to improve your skills.

Of course, each camera has its advantages and disadvantages. That is why focus on your photo shoot at things that your camera can do. Please check any existing settings on your camera before you do a photo shoot,

Remember, don't just use your camera to do the photo shoot when there is something going on around you. For example, there's a cat passing by, then you take a picture of the cat because it looks nice. The best picture always arises from things that are mediocre. Like vast wheat fields, beautiful mountain views, and others.

  1. Activate Manual Mode

Rotate the mode button is usually located on the upper right side, to point to the manual mode M. After that start to take pictures with different variations. Some camera models usually have buttons mode in the upper right side. Therefore pay attention to your camera well before you start to take pictures manually.

  1. Point Your Camera in the Right Spot

This is a very important step. Do not skip this step. Try to turn on the camera if you have never done it (directing cameras at places where having a good light), then point your camera towards the subject/object that has a sufficient amount of light. Remember, keep the camera from a stable surface to ensure your composition does not change.

  1. Watch Your Shutter Speed

canon eos rebel t6 review redditMake sure you set the shutter speed you properly while started doing photo shoots because long focal distance will be a problem if you experience vibration or wobble so give less nice effects make your photos. To overcome this, make sure your shutter speed is higher than your focal length. For example, if your focal length 200 mm then set the shutter speed at the position you 1/250 seconds or faster. This also means you can take a picture with the shutter speed set you in a position that is slow when it was about to take a picture on a wider area such as 1/20 seconds with a focal length of 18 mm.

Although this will not be enough help if your subject is moving too fast, don't forget to use system anti-shake (sway resistant) on your camera. Although not every lens will display technology, if you have it – then use.

Iso (International Standard Organization). ISO is a measure of the sensitivity of the digital sensor to light. Many people often move when it was about to be photographed, not to mention coupled with their eyes shut open (flashing) and constantly change their facial expressions – and no photo is worse than someone with an eye on the photos that are flashing a smile in return. To avoid this issue, and to prevent motion blur appears, then you need to set the shutter speed at the position. It will also help to ensure the sharpness of your photos and avoid the distractions that may occur on your cameras such as vibration or wobble at the time of the photo shoot. In the number of low-light (indoors and outside), then you need to increase your ISO to 1.600, 3200 6400, or even to avoid a result that is less good.

  1. Identify Your Location

canon eos rebel t6 review videoKnow the benefits that can be obtained from the location shooting is very important to note by any photographer. Use the time to learn them. For example, at the moment and the best time for a light, what kind of camera lenses suitable for use, as well as the most likely to use every angle there is what the photo shoot to produce stunning images. Besides that, well, you have to know to use the time efficiently – the more you know, it will be faster and easier for you to complete the shoot. In choosing a lens, you have to take into account the theme of the photo shoot, because based on the theme that you create, you can define an angle as to what you want, the length of the focal point, as well as the maximum aperture at any time,  can be changed.

  1. Avoid Shocks

canon eos rebel t6 review cnetWobble or vibration of the camera against things that impaired for any photographer, as this will give the effect of less good results to your photos. To that end, here are some ways to avoid wobble/vibration on your camera. First, you need to learn how to hold your camera correctly: use both hands, one around the body and the other around the lens, then hold your camera close to your body. Second, make sure that you use a shutter speed that matches your focus lens. So if you are using a 100 mm lens, then position the shutter speed you do not lower than 1/100 seconds. Use a tripod or monopod when possible. If no, then please use a tree or a wall to keep your camera in order to remain stable during the shooting.


  1. Choose Subject Creatively

The creative subject is not always mean people are always throwing his smile in front of the camera. The subject is something that makes you interesting, and it could mean anything, for example, your pet lying on the ground, a baby or your child wants to try to grab the toys above the seat or the people who are playing futsal. The right choice and good will give a clear impact of the quality of your photos.

  1. Lighting

Light is one of the factors which affect life and sharpness in a photo. That is why the use of light as best as possible. How to photograph the good is to understand the benefits of light. Without the correct understanding about the light, then instead obtain a good result, you will get the opposite. Excessive Cahayayang can give uneven lighting effects for your models. Because ideally, if you want to use some additional light in the photo shoot then bring some light units such as the LED flashlight, lampstand, and others to increase the strength of your lighting.