Canon 5D Mark IV used Review

canon 5d mark iv usedLet’s talk about canon 5D mark iv used. In 2016 canon release their 5d mark ballwhich copped a lot of criticism for people as it did not live up to really high expectations. Despite all of tha ttwo years later the Canon 5d Mark 4 is still one of the most popular DSLRs onthe market and arguably one of canonsbest cameras. Today we're going to put itthrough its paces to see what's allabout and whether it lives up to the standards in 2018.

So the finding mark iv,it's a hybrid camera targeted atenthusiasts, and professionals who wantto get into photography and videography.So the first impressions when you holdthe camera it definitely feels lighterthan the 5d Mark 3, and with its currentgrip and ergonomics, it's definitelyviable for long-term shooting.

On the left side of the camera, you've got a couple ports you've got a mic port aheadphone port if your USB 3 port forfast tethering and transfer, and an HDMIport as well. On the right hand side interms of beam memory card slots it takesa compact flash as well as one SD card.

It says at the back, you've got a reallylarge 3-inch LCD screen for niceplayback as well as great viewing, especially during the daytime and areally big viewfinder as well. In termsof the buttons at the back, they're superresponsive and you've got a really largewheel to change your aperture or yourshut off or whether we need it to do so. canon 5D mark iv used

canon 5d mark iv used ebay Imagine, I'm just mashing some streetphotography and I'm just using the 5 p4with the basic 50mm 1.8 STM Primewith the autofocus it's actually doingquite well despite the lens and reallythe detail on the images I'm getting andthe colors. From what I can see at theback of the screen it looks pretty good.

So now just going to go over the keyfeatures you need to know about theCanon 5d Mark 4 so first off it uses athirty point four megapixel sensorcombined with a digit six imageprocessor. This allows you to shootcontinuously up to seven frames a second, gives you a native ISO range of a100 to 3240Kvideo at 30 frames a second that iscropped at one point seven times, andfull HD video up to 60 frames per second.

The body is wether sealed which isfantastic, and it's got a couple coolfeatures so it's got a dual pixel rollfeature which will allow you to take amore high detail draw file, so you canwork with more in post. And lastly interms of autofocus the 5d Mark fouremploys a combination of a dual pixelautofocus system, and a high reticularautofocus system to give you a 61 pointphase detection system, where 41 of thosepoints are crossed out to give youbetter accuracy and faster performance.

So one thing I really like about thecanon 5d mark iv used is that it hasn't autofocusjoystick. Myself, I personally only shootin single point autofocus mode. So when Ineed to reframe my shot, or kind of likechange my point onto my subject, I couldswiftly do it with the joystick and thebest thing is its multi-directional soyou can go up down left right diagonalwherever you please.

So one thing Ireally wish the fighting my forehead, whether it be for photos and video, issome kind of embody image stabilisation. My hands aren't exactly the stays ofhands, so everything I've taken is prettyshaky and really in today's day and ageeveryone's getting on that imagestabilization train. So get on that dudes!

So there's the performance of the canon 5d mark iv used, it is brilliant to touch onthe autofocus whether you're gonna beusing it for photography or video work, it is really quick and reliable with thetouch screen as well. It's really easy tojust pinpoint your focus and just touchaway. Honestly, it doesn't get easierthan that. Secondly images look highlydetailed colors were great and a coolfeature that I found after using thecamera for a bit, it's actually got aninbuilt intervalometer.

canon 5d mark iv used ukSo for people whoshoot landscapes or astrophotography, youdon't need an external remote to getyour multiple exposures going over along period of time. In terms of thevideo side of things I want to touch onthis on the 5d Mark for a bit. So firstlythe actual video quality itself isbrilliant so the colors look good videoshighly detailed, chill pixel autofocus ,asI mentioned before works quite well aswell.

Where I have my shortfalls incomings with the video side of things isthat in terms of the cost that you'repaying for a 5d Mark 4 compared to othercompetitors on the market, you don't getmuch flexibility in terms of the videosettings,expert say. So firstly you're forcase limited to 30 frames a second andit's already cropped at 1.7 times. Soyou're not utilizing the full sensor andsecondly, your full HD specs is only had60 frameswhereas competitors out there cando hi slow motion frame rates such as120 frames a second or 180 for the priceof this or a bit under as well.

canon 5d mark iv used cameraSo if youare a person who is looking to get akind of like full time video camera sothe 5d mark 4 may not be that camera foryou. If you're after like a hybrid camerathis is where I can say the 5d Mark forbeing good, because there you can get thebest of both worlds you get really goodphotography performance. If youreally need to do a bit of video on theside, that is great quality and workswell and that's where the 5 big mop 4comes in.

Thank you for reading my post, i hope you have a great day. See you later! canon 5D mark iv used