Canon 5D Mark iii used Review

canon 5d mark iii used ukCanon 5D Mark iii used. On the 25th anniversary of introducing the system EOS, Canon is proud to announce its newest model, the EOS 5 d Mark III Digital SLR Camera. Positioned with the very popular EOS EOS 5 d Mark II and the top-of-the-line Professional of the Canon EOS-1 d Model X, EOS 5 d Mark III delivers outstanding picture quality, thanks to Canon's CMOS Sensor 22.3 megapixel full-frame, high-performance DIGIC 5 + Imaging Processor, 61-point system of High Density Reticular Autofocus (AF) and speeds of up to 6 continuous shotting frames-per-second (fps).

Building upon the success of the trailblazing of the EOS 5 d Mark II, EOS 5 d Mark III also improved video features for professionals in the field of cinematography, production of television and documentary filmmaking, including a better noise reduction, time longer recording and built-in headphone jack for audio monitoring. EOS 5 d Mark III Canon is the answer to hundreds of thousands of advanced amateurs and professionals who are looking for a high-quality compact camera to help them achieve an artistic vision, whether it's through photos or video images. the introduction of the EOS 5 d Mark III coincided with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Canon EOS camera system. The award-winning Canon EOS system first debuted in March 1987 with the introduction of the EOS 650 SLR camera and three lenses the EF.

"We are very pleased to announce the continuation of our follow-up camera EOS 5 d Mark II, the camera which has been called a ' game-changer ' in professional photography and videography circles. EOS 5 d Mark III will carry on that tradition, provide better features and more advanced, helping our customers achieve excellent image quality for stills and video, "said Yuichi Ishizuka, Executive Vice President and general manager, Imaging Technologies and Communications Group, Canon USA

EOS 5 d Mark III inherited many of the features of a DSLR that recently announced Canon EOS-1 d, X, including the DIGIC Imaging Processor + 5 and 61-point system of High-Density Reticular Autofocus (AF) to 41 cross-type point and five-point cross-type double, depending on the lens used. Improved processing power allows continuous shooting up to six fps, exceeding the speed of models EOS 5 d Mark II more than 50 percent, and with the improvement of Defense weather EOS 5 d Mark III is a serious option for sports photographer and wildlife.


EOS 5 d Mark III Video: The Legacy Continues

EOS 5 d Mark II left for camera Canon EOS and to enter the professional video and Cinema market, opening the way for the introduction of the new Canon camera and lens Cinema system EOS. Now, the EOS 5 d Mark III continues to commit to new markets with new features and asked of cinematographers, production of television professionals and independent filmmakers. EOS 5 d Mark III was able to capture Full HD 1080 p video at 24 p (23,976), 25 p, 30 p (29.97) fps and; 720 p HD recording at 60 (59.94) and 50 fps, and record SD at 30 (29.97) and 25 fps, give videographers and cinematographers more flexibility and options for video capture.

EOS 5 d Mark III includes a new video compression format h.264 to simplify and accelerate the post-production work: intraframe (ALL-I) compression format for editing-friendly and IFS (IPB) compression for superior data storage efficiency, provide professional options to help achieve their ideal workflow. Like X EOS-1 d, 5 d Mark III also includes two SMPTE-compliant method of embedding timecode, Rec Run and Free Run, which allows video recording from multiple cameras and a separate audio recording will be synced together in post-production.

Full-frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC processor + 5 new ones have increased the performance of the camera image processing on a 5 d Mark II, significantly reduce the effects of Moir, and artifact colors in the scene with a horizontal line. The resulting videotape would reduce the effect of Moir, compared to those seen on previous DSLR model, resulting in a significant increase in the quality of the HD video. Accommodate a documentary filmmaking, and videographers use EOS DSLR camera, the 5 d Mark III includes all its ability to record video continuously up to 29 minutes 59 seconds on a 4 GB file. Filmmakers will enjoy automatic camera pad files in combination with extended memory capacity with a dual card slot.

Canon EOS 5 d Mark III also has an audio control user level to 64 levels, adjusted both before and during movie recording. There is also an automatic audio level setting, or recorded sound can be turned off completely. A wind filter is also included. Sound can be recorded through the microphone internal microphone or through mono external stereo mic input via optional. Most importantly, the EOS 5 d Mark III Digital SLR EOS was the first to feature a built-in headphone jack for audio real-time monitoring for video capture. Canon 5D Mark iii used

Development Of The Newest Canon CMOS Sensor

b&h photo canon 5d mark iii usedWith 22.3 megapixels full-frame Canon CMOS image sensor, EOS 5 d Mark III to become Canon Digital SLR that has the highest resolution so far. This is perfect for a variety of tasks including wedding and portrait photography, nature and wildlife, travel and landscape photography as well as commercial and industrial. With gapless design microlens new diodes, structure and on-chip noise reduction with increased, the new sensor achieves a higher sensitivity and lower noise levels both for image data RAW as well as JPEG in the camera and Film Compared to the EOS 5 d Mark II. The result is superb image quality in any shooting conditions, even in low lighting. A readout with eight-channel double the throughput speed image data from the sensor to the DIGIC processor 5 +, produce quality video image better as well as six fps for images still.

In the low light ability of the EOS 5 d Mark III proved in a remarkable range of ISO and image quality in bad lighting conditions. Adjustable from 100 ISO up to 25,600 in a range of standard, the new model also offers a low ISO setting to 50 photography studio and landscape and two settings of ISO 51,200 and 102,400, perfect for law enforcement, Government or the application field forensics.

5 d Mark III also comes with a Canon EOS Integrated Cleaning System, which can help to clean the sensor in its own layer of fluorine to reduce dust particles and dirt.

Canon's exclusive DIGIC Imaging Processor + 5

EOS 5 d Mark III features the latest new DIGIC Imaging Processor was 5 + 17 times faster than DIGIC 4. EOS 5 d Mark III use the extra speed isn't just for a good image quality, but also to add nine new features not present on the 5 d Mark II. New features include six fps continuous shooting, HDR and Multiple Exposure modes, built-in camera RAW processing, comparative playback function, a type of Intelligent Auto mode, two forms of compression of the film, and support for high speed UDMA Compact Flash 7 Memory.


Another feature that is very valuable from the DIGIC Imaging Processor + 5 is the EOS 5 d Mark III options for small M-resolution RAW (10.5 megapixels) and the video recording mode S-RAW (5.5 megapixels). This setting is especially useful for wedding photographers at candid photos that do not require full resolution,. M-S-RAW and RAW also retain full image instead of cropping the image or switch to JPEG mode to reduce the resolution.

High-Performance 61-Point High-density Reticular AF

For still photographers, Canon has included 61-Point High-density Reticular AF, originally introduced on the camera top-of-the-line EOS-1 d X professional. A significant progress in the series 5 d AF system, a 61-Point High-density Reticular AF is included in the EOS 5 d Mark III AF SLR system is State-of-the unreleased Canon before. 61 points the manually selected and sensitive to horizontal contrast with the maximum aperture is greater than or equal to f/5.6.

21-point focus on the central area is also standard-precision cross-type and the effective maximum aperture is greater than or equal to f/5.6. 5-point at the Centre is ultra-high-precision diagonal cross-type point to the maximum aperture is greater than or equal to f/2.8. 20-point focus beyond functioning as a high-precision cross-type point with the maximum aperture is greater than or equal to f/4.0. Another innovation from the 61-Point High-density Reticular AF including expanding coverage area AF focus precision, superior low-light sensitivity and to EV-2, and ability to detect low-contrast more than ever. (See the image below for the configuration point AF)

All the functions AF now have their own menu tab for quick and easy access (formerly AF custom function in EOS model before). The new AF configuration tool allows for customized tracking sensitivity settings, tracking the subject acceleration and deceleration, and the transfer point AF automatically, all of which are easily accessed and managed via the tab menu AF recently. A built-in feature that will suggest the photographer on the appropriate settings to use with the subject.

EOS 5 d Mark III uses the same high-performance AI Servo AF tracking algorithm III as the flagship EOS-1 d X professional DSLR. This new feature works the same with a 61-Point High-density Reticular AF tracking performance to deliver extraordinary making it blend very well with the ability of 6 frames-per-second high-speed continuous.

Similar to the AF point selection option offered on the model of camera EOS 7 d and EOS-1 d, EOS 5 d Mark III offers a choice of six modes AF point: Spot, Single Point, Single Point with surrounding four points, a Single Point with surrounding eight points, the Zone selection and Automatic AF point selection

iFCL Metering

The complement system is 61-point AF on the camera EOS 5 d Mark III is Canon iFCL 63-zone dual-layer metering system. ' FCL ' length of Focus, Colour, and Luminance (color, Luminance, and Focus), the fact that the system not only measures the metering reference data of color and lighting but also analyze the data provided by each of the system's points AF. Canon iFCL metering keeps levels stable exposure from one shot to the next shot, even as the light source modifier. Autofocus on the camera information is also used to help determine which areas of the scene of the greatest importance in determining exposure.

HDR mode

Features Camera EOS 5 d Mark III is a built-in HDR mode, combining three images with different exposure levels into one image, in camera, for the stunning photos of landscape and architecture with enhanced tonal gradation beyond the range of the naked eye. The level of exposure in-camera HDR mode can be set to cover the distance to the stop, N3 in a choice of five settings: Natural, Standard Art, Art, Art, Bold and Vivid Art Embossed provides a unique visual effect. The source of the individual images can be saved as separate files, and model HDR has the optional automatic alignment function that can be useful to keep shooting. Standard Auto Exposure Bracketing function on the EOS 5 d Mark III has been enhanced to allow up to seven exposures per order, and exposure compensation can now be set to +/– 5EV.


Multiple Exposure Modes

EOS 5 d Mark III Digital SLR EOS is second only to the EOS-1 dX to display Multiple Exposure capabilities with the ability to combine up to nine photos separately into a single composite image, without a need to post-processing on the computer. Four different compositing methods provided for maximum creative control, including the Additive, Average, Bright, and Dark. Compositing results can be viewed in real time on the camera LCD monitors, and there are Undo command that allows the photographer to repeat an image and trying again if desired. Multiple Exposure modes on the camera EOS 5 d Mark III even allows the photographer to define pre-fetched RAW images as a starting point for exposure on the composite, or photographing continuously when photographing moving objects.


Comparative Playback

A new feature that only exists on the system on the EOS 5 d Mark III is the Comparative Playback (Playback Comparison) allows photographers to display two images side by side on a 3.2-inch LCD screen of the camera. Images can be displayed with the histogram to check the level of exposure, or enlarged to check focus or facial expressions.

Durability, reliability and other features

EOS 5 d Mark III comes with a tough camera body with magnesium alloy body cover and stainless steel lens mount. The new camera also has a design that will be dust and moisture-resistant and gasket seal. Although not very weather resistant like cameras EOS-1 d-series, the EOS 5 d Mark III improvements to feature the weather better than model EOS 5 d Mark II. Shutter unit developed new EOS 5 d Mark III has a durability of 150,000 exposure rating, and a shutter release time lag has been reduced to 59 milliseconds, make the shutter button is very responsive. Locking the keypad mode Canon remained standard on the new models though and have the function to turn off the camera quickly to prevent the unintentional operation.

EOS 5 d Mark III battery LP-E6 lithium-ion is the same as another EOS camera like the 5 d Mark II, 7 d and 60 d. Battery life is estimated at 950 exposure at normal temperature, with careful exposure of 100 great EOS 5 d Mark II. Body EOS 5 d Mark III has a weight of about 33.5 ounces. with battery installed, and the dimensions of approximately 4.6 x 6.0 x 3.0 inches.

EOS 5 d Mark III incorporates a silent shooting mode, available for low-speed continuous shooting as well as a single exposure. This feature is ideal when photographing in a quiet environment. For better file management especially when working with multiple cameras, the new model also supports custom file name. There is also a feature of the new Ranking image allows photographers provide their photo rating from 1 to 5 stars to aid fast editing.

EOS 5 d Mark III is equipped with an LCD screen View II to Clear 3.2 inch with resolution 1,040,000 dot. This is the same screen used by top-of-the-line EOS-1 d X optical camera viewfinder. has been increased to around 100 percent coverage, and are equipped with an intelligent Viewfinder screen (Intelligent Viewfinder) with an optional grid. EOS 5 d Mark III also has built-in Dual Axis Electronic Level that can be shown on both the LCD screen and viewfinder optics.

A storage area on the EOS 5 d Mark III can wear Type 1 Compact Flash and SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards with a dual card slot configuration. The three supported methods of recording: Record the same data to both cards, record different file sizes or types to each card, or automatically switch to the second card when the first card is full.



EOS 5 d Mark III DSLR also has a number of optional accessories, including the Canon Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7A latest showing support for 802.11 wireless LAN Protocol signals a/b/g/n network for various environments. WFT-E7A connected to the camera via the USB port and includes a built-in gigabit Ethernet connection, time synchronization for multiple cameras on the same network, FTP mode, a mode the EOS Utility, WFT mode Server and Media Server mode. With the new model of WFT, professionals can synchronize clocks on multiple cameras and use unit linked to support shooting when using several cameras. In addition, it is Bluetooth compatible equipment can easily be connected to the device as well.

EOS 5 d Mark III also has Canon's optional GPS Receiver GP-E2, which can be connected to the camera via a USB cable or accessory shoe. With the function of logging built-in GPS, GP-E2 will log me-latitude, longitude, altitude, and the Universal Time Code – and can be seen from the movement of the camera on the PC after the photo shoot. With a built-in compass, receiver GP-E2 also will record the direction of the camera when shooting, even when shooting vertically. Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2 compatible with the EOS-1 d and EOS 7Di and EOS 5 d Mark III.

The battery Grip BG-E11 is optional accessories for EOS 5 d Mark III who received one or two lithium-ion battery pack LP-E6 or a set of six AA batteries. the latest grip has a multifunctional and multi-controller (m. Fn) button together with the complete set of control handles for easy operation when shooting portraits or photographs of the vertical format. BG-E11 made from magnesium alloy and has the same degree of weather resistance as the EOS 5 d Mark III.



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