CAUTION! There’s Mini Spy Camera for Bathrooms

    mini wifi spy camera for bathroomsMini spy camera for bathrooms, many things must be done by the womenfolk to avoid an evil person who is not responsible.

This time the crime is already a lot of its kind and the perpetrators do not hesitate do sometimes way beyond our thinking.

One of them is put a hidden camera in a public toilet or toilet women toilet both men with the aim of recording the activity of the user public toilets.

This content deliberately created to reply concerns the ladies in outer there including my sister who often uses public toilets, so things are at worry about will not happen as it Rookery again news regarding a man who put a camera hidden in a public toilet mobile females.

Tips for safely using public toilets which can be attempted by the women who want to use the TOILET in the Office, toilets, bathrooms, toilets, a school campus or other public toilets is also true for the men without exception.

Here's how to detect whether a public toilet that you use hidden surveillance cameras were installed.

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  1. Check before entering the Toilet

Before you enter a public toilet please check whether there is a window that looks out over the toilet especially public toilet you use has a divider is not up to the ceiling of the toilet.

This is very dangerous because anyone could easily peek and can record all the activities that you do in the toilet. Mini spy camera for bathrooms

  1. Check the inside of the Toilet Door

Once you have ensured that there is no window that leads to the toilet, then the next step is you need to check the door side in the toilet.

In such places is usually placed either ornament hangers, mirror, even hand wipes. Try a little selective, check these items if there are tools that are suspicious. It is not impossible for sex criminals already put a micro-camera in there who is ready to record the activity of you guys. And without you realize part of your self can be seen by that person. Truly tragic.

  1. Check the litter box Toilet

If you use a public toilet of luxury like the in the mall, hotels, offices, showrooms, etc. certainly provide litter box in the toilet. There is no harm if you check out the litter box is already sterilized from hazardous items such as camera recorder.Conscious or not is certainly litter box that is in the toilet its location has always been at the front right-hand side of the position you throw water not!. Well if placed hidden cameras there surely will be very easy to record youOh yes, if the litter box is empty you can easily check it out just to look at, but what if the litter box much garbage?

Solution moves the toilet if you are lazy to touch the garbage, but if there is any object that can be used to check the bins like a broom or Duster MOP then use it.

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  1. Check the Closet

If you use the closet hanging out then it's not a problem to review it live once a view is already wrong ... However, if the closet you use in public restrooms uses closet type sit down ... Check the closet sitting you will use, both inside, outside, angle or corner of the bottom crack of the closet. Usually, this becomes bad to reach our eyes to that this place becomes favorite cursor objects that are inappropriate.

  1. Check the Shower

A shower is one of the ornaments provided by a toilet-a toilet, but don't get me wrong, the classy toilet can be a target the perpetrators of crime include people who put a hidden camera to do harm

For it would not hurt if you check the shower there is safe or not.

  1. Watch Glass Toilet

Glass or mirror the toilet is the ornament is usually complement the facilities in public toilets.

However, there are some parties who utilize this mirror for spying on someone who was using the toilet to urinate/large or simply clean the face after activity.

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For that, you need to be more careful if you use the toilet using a mirror then you should check if the mirror is safe or not.

How. Touch mirror installed in the toilet you use with your index finger. Note whether the members of the body (index finger) that you guys use to touch the mirror have a distance with your reflection in the mirror.

If the distance between your body and the shadow in the glass then the mirror safe. But if you touch the mirror has no distance between the members of the body (index finger) and the shadow of the mirror then please do not use the toilet, because the existing mirror is a mirror of invisibility aka one direction. ...

If you do not want to list's list-waste water at once seen by the person who is behind the mirror cool staring at your body

  1. Check the bottom of the toilet door

The toilet door that was not meeting until the bottom should be your attention also to protect themselves from sex crimes.

Check to see if there are people who take a peek is there a micro-camera that stuck to the bottom of the toilet door.

  1. Check the ceiling of the Toilet

If you are using public toilet-shaped indoor spaces, try looking up to the top to make sure the camera is there or not. Usually, the only lights are lights, but try to check the lamp if objects are veiled or not.

  1. Check the sink Toilet

The sink should not escape the attention of you if you use a public toilet. Usually, a sink placed beside the closet, there's a ball with a separate toilet, and some were placed in the toilet too. Just in case the Toilet Sink check that you feel more safe and comfortable in using toilet facilities.

Well, if the security of public toilets is completely you make sure, whether you are already safe? Yet, still, there is another threat that you should pay attention to. The following discussion:

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  1. Hygiene toilet

Before using the toilet you guys also should pay attention to the cleanliness of public toilets that dirty toilet because there are bacteria-bad bacteria that attack you. It's funny if us protectionism against the evil of men but less protectionism against the danger of disease-causing organism is bacteria.

  1. Look at the feasibility of the toilet

If you guys find a toilet not worth it I suggest don't waste water there due to two dangers both of man and of the dangers of the disease. I mean not worth it here is a State of physical or clean.  Better you guys looking for more decent toilets. Mini spy camera for bathrooms